Castle Hill Baptist Church News Sheet – January 2017

Worship is every Sunday 10.30am & 6.30pm

1st January 10:30am. New Year’s Day service. Led by Martin Hewitt. NO EVENING SERVICE

8th January 10:30am Led by Kevin Johnson, Peter Burns to preach. Covenant Services – an opportunity to review our covenant together. This is an important Sunday for all who are committed to the fellowship and to working together as a family . Includes communion.

6:30pm Communion service with Peter Burns.

15th January 10:30am Peter Burns, starting a new preaching series based on the seasons – ‘No Season Lasts Forever’. Includes communion.

6:30pm Peter Burns

22nd January 10:30am Peter Burns – ‘Spring – A New Creation’. Includes the dedication of William Perry.

NO EVENING SERVICE at Castle Hill. As part of the week of prayer for Christian unity we will be joining our CTW friends for a united service at Chase Meadow Community Centre, starting at 6pm.

29th January 10:30am Peter Burns ‘Summer – testing and strengthening’

6:30pm - Peter Burns


Tuesday 3rd  January – Tuesday Together at 3pm

Wednesday 11th  January – Prayer meeting and corporate time with God at 7:30pm in the church lounge

Thursday 12th  January – Deacons’ meeting at 7:30pm

Friday 13th  January – David Hewitt’s’ funeral service – 2:15pm at Oakley Wood and 3:30pm at church

Saturday 21st  January – Deacons’ morning from 10am

Thursday 26th  January – Church meeting AGM Part 2

Peter will be at a conference from 9th – 11th January.

Peter will be on holiday from Dec 26th – 2nd Jan.

Kevin will be on holiday from Jan 1st – 7th.


Afternoon House Group – Tuesday 10th and 24th January at 2:30pm.

Myton House Group meets at 8pm at the home of Martin and Kathy Hewitt. Please speak to them regarding dates.

McNees’ House Group Thursday 19th January at 8:00pm.

Craft Morning

There will now be 2 craft mornings each month on the second and fourth Fridays.In January this willbe the 13th and the27thfrom 10am to 12pm. Everyone is welcome.


Gateway is open on Saturdays 10.00am – 3.00pm. Please come and join us for excellent cakes, coffee and tea.

Flowers for the Church

Our thanks to Sue Davis for organizing the flower ministry for so long. Now she has moved, no-one is fulfilling this role. Please speak to Peter or Kevin if this is something you would like to do.